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Pleasing my husband.

Pleasing my husband.

After several years of marriage, my husband and I began to look for ways to overcome the routine. We tried on disguises and go to hotels, but what flew our heads were xxx videos.

We get very horny watching porn. In many videos appeared masculine examples out of series. My husband always asked me if I would like him to have a big cock like that of the gifted black men of porn movies.

The whole thing made me laugh, until one day I wonder if I would like to invite one of those black men and do a trio.

I do not know how to explain it, it must have been because of the seriousness of his face or because I know him more than anyone, I knew he did not tell me playing, really he was proposing to do it.

I told him not instinctively, and he did not mention it again. I looked for information on the internet and I found a huge amount of experiences of couples doing this type of practices and husbands who asked their women to make them horny with another. The truth is that the testimonials excited me a lot. It was like a perverse erotic dream that could be fulfilled if the woman wanted it.

I was with fantasies of all kinds for months, but I thought it best to leave it in the fantasy. One day I met with some friends, and one of them, who was recently separated, said that she was having sex with a black Brazilian man. We laughed and asked for details, especially about the black myth. She told us that she met him in a class of Brazilian rhythms, that the guy was a friend with benefits from the teacher who gave the class, and that the myth was totally justified in her case.

After that talk my fantasies turned into a fever of lust.

I wrote in that class and wait patiently until I see the black man, who appeared on Thursdays on a motorcycle, and left with the teacher.

The very rogue looked at more than one with lust, and I was not left behind. But the thing did not happen of glances and smiles. That same night, it was super hot, I became sexy for my husband and I suggested that we see one of those videos featuring black people. After a few minutes my husband had it as a hard stake.

That’s when I threw out my killer question: “You’d like to see me fucked by one of those niggers.” He stares at me with his face disengaged and I retort – “If you want … we can try”.

He wanted to hang up, after I had made the proposition first. I said, “No, no, no, tell me very clearly that you would be hot to see me stuck by a black nigger, do not give me all the responsibility to me, or we do nothing.”

He puts it in such a way that he has no choice but to confess: “Well, it warms me to think about it and I want us to do it.”

After that, I changed my tone, and told him about the Brazilian dance teacher. As soon as I told him that a friend of mine swore he had a big cock, he stopped his cock fucked me like never in life. We did it three times, a record for him. That made me understand, no doubt, that really excited the issue.

The trick was to propose to a guy I barely knew, to do a trio with my husband. I decided to tell this friend that I had sex with the Negro. It was fun to explain to her that my husband wanted to see another man fuck me in front of him with a bigger cock.

The face she put on was worthy of several photos. After digesting the natural surprise that anyone would have, he told me he would help me.

She talked to her friend, who reminded me of the busty woman (I wear a full bodysuit and I’m thin). Quickly everything was resolved.

One Saturday night Erik visited us. We were both 2 nerves. After a casual talk, I left them talking and I went to change. I dressed in a set of special lingerie for the occasion, and I called the 2 to come to the room. My husband was naked a few feet from the bed with a video camera in hand. Erik stroked me rather roughly, it was noticeable that he also had his nerves.

We caressed until getting warm and finally got under the pants. The real black man had a big cock, twice as long as my husband’s, and he was also fatter. Typical porn movie.

My husband and I looked at each other surprised by the male specimen we had in front of us. The black man said that married and white women loved to taste his black stick.

I wanted to touch it but I was embarrassed while my husband was watching. In the end I asked permission with the look, and he replied that if making a small gesture.

I was surprised how heavy and hard it was. I could not embrace his circumference with my hand.

As I could I started to suck it as best I could. Erik would tell me things like: “That babe, show your husband how you like black cock.”

For a moment I was afraid that everything would end there. One thing was fucking and another that the black added those comments. But my husband kept filming, and even his cock was hard.

Then it was the turn of the black man to suck me and to fondle my whole body.

Until the moment of penetration. He put on a condom and said something like: – “I’m going to penetrate you so many times with my dick, you’re going to get dizzy, hahaha.”

My husband’s eyes went out of lust, and I got my eyes when I got the giant penis inside.

He caught me first in the position of the missionary. It was quiet enough and considerate at first, but when he felt sure that I was going to bear it, he pumped me like a machine for half an hour in a row.

Erik made clear the stamina and power of a black male.

I was changing positions while my little boy filmed the cuckold that was doing. And I say cuckold because for me, if another male is brushing your wife like an animal, as much as you know and you like, you are cuckold. In any case he will be cuckold conscious, but cuckold at last.

I could not stand it anymore and I started screaming and having orgasms like never before.

Erik had a giant finish, when he pulled the super cock inside, hung the condom full of milk from the tip.

I was still half hot, half aching and quite accelerated. I took the condom from the black man and I did it so that all that white liquid did not escape. I showed it to the cuckold and I said, “Look at all the milk coming out of this male. You wanted to be a cuckold daddy?

That sentence shot something inside him. He handed the camera to Erik and I hit a fuck like never before. I kept telling him that I was a cuckold, that my lover was bigger than he was, and things like that. Far from being angry, my little boy grew warmer.

After that night, the xxx movie that we like the most is the one we filmed that time with the black man.

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